Life's Lessons - Part 1

I've always had a positive flair but I haven't always been this wise. In a short amount of time, I have gained so much wisdom because I finally listened. I learnt tough lessons, did the work, put in the effort & boy has life changed, for the best. 
I didn't realise I was simply surviving each day only to get it up and do it all again, and I didn't even have a terribly bad lifestyle. Now, I am thriving. 
I am sharing fabulous lessons life has taught me, split into two parts, in the past two years, to inspire, help, guide and motivate you to live your best life, to thrive. 
1. It all starts with an affirmation a day. 
2. The Universe will repeat the same lesson, a trillion different ways, until you finally learn it. 
3. It's not luck, it’s alignment.
4. Goals are important - set goals, take inspired action, feel and use your (high vibe) emotions, have a positive mental attitude and this is how you make sh!t happen! See, how that alignment works? 
5. Nature has messages for us and its super cool when you learn how to speak the language. 
6. When something (hard, bad, negative, challenging, difficult) happens to you, it is the universe telling you to MAKE A CHANGE. 
7. Forgiveness isn’t about accepting what someone’s done, it’s about releasing you from those shackles. Forgiveness is freedom. 
8. Healing is a process. When you allow yourself to heal properly, you also create positive habits. Habits turn into a treasured ritual and that becomes a lifestyle choice, thus thriving.
9. Intuition, hunches/gut feelings are there to guide you, protect you and help you. Don't ignore it, tap into it.
10. Failure is necessary to learn & grow. The people that win at life are inspired by their failures. 
11. We co-create our lives with the Universe, simply with the thoughts we think & the words we use. 
12. Words are powerful. They heal, protect, soothe & comfort us, speak to yourself kindly & use words wisely.
13. Fear is cripppling. Living in fear squashes all your dreams & desires. Don’t live in fear, live in love & courage.
14. It’s critical to understand energy, the law of vibration and how to make sure we operate on a high frequency every day. 
15. The body can heal. From everything. We have this innate ability to heal ourselves, we just need to understand how to support it.

I could write for days the many more lessons but I will leave you with this fun fact: in ancient healing, it was believed empathy was a gift meaning your body became a barometer for others. Aches, pains, emotions, and attitudes of others are felt within the empathetic persons body, as if it were his/her own. This gift could be developed to the point that the empathetic person could heal another illness whilst it was within them. 

So, the key takeaway here, heal yourself, heal the world. 

With love, 

Carla xx