Back To School Fear

I can remember when some kids played a prank on me at school and it left me humiliated. I can't remember the details, it feels like the wave of humiliation consumed me greater than the event but I can still feel my face going red with embarrassment to this day. One of my biggest fears I've carried with me to this tender age of 35 is the fear of embarrassment.

That means I avoided doing lots of things growing up, I kept things to myself, became a "private person" and really fed the shy wolf inside me, all for this fear of being embarrassed.

I'm sure you can also recall a moment in time from your childhood that has affected you into adulthood?

We cannot control our external environment but we can master our internal world.

As parents, we cannot always protect our child/children 24/7, yet we can give them the tools to navigate the challenges that constantly arise. My favourite being affirmations to unlock the power of the mind.


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FEAR has two meanings; Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. The choice is yours. 

The time has come where we send our little loves back into the hands of the education system. Starting anew, figuring out how to make friends or returning hoping your friends will still be your friends. 

It's a pretty big deal to be away from our child/children for 8+ hours a day and leave them with other people. And leave them with others that might not share the same beliefs or core values as you. 

One of my best friends is a teacher, I see her genuine intentions to help children, her love for learning and desire to promote well-being. She is doing GREAT things to improve the culture in her school around mindfulness & well-being. I learn a lot from her and my eyes are opened to the benefits of the education system. 

Teachers, I see you. I see that teachers are more than just teachers; they're counsellors, mediators, mentors, that kinda need to know a lot about life to give the correct guidance/advice. It can be a lot of pressure, some parents might not agree with ones style of teaching and that can cause unwanted conflict. Yet that all comes down to an individuals belief system. 

If you, the parent or the teacher, have a positive outlook on life, you can handle the challenges that come at you with grace and ease.

Developing a positive mindset isn't just for children but for adults too. However, its easier to create a positive new habit when you're young instead of trying to break bad or negative habits when you're older, and we all know how incredibly challenging it is to break a bad habit. 

So perhaps it's time to make a change and create a new positive habit in your home to help your child develop a positive thought system, a positive mental attitude towards life to navigate the challenges of life, using the power of affirmations.

Or maybe you already incorporate affirmations into your daily routine but you need to step it up a notch and deliver a solid routine because majority of the time "it all starts at home". 

'Back to School' excitement and happiness can turn into, nerves, worry, doubt or lack of self-confidence and fear very quickly. Something as simple as saying positive affirmations will set up the day for success to help your child get in the right mindset, let alone help them to believe in themselves and their abilities.

How did I overcome my fear as an adult? I took small steps daily outside of my comfort zone. I practiced my affirmations to rewire my thoughts and develop a strong mindset. I am still consistent with my practice of this and it is one of the best habits I've created for myself. 

Let's grow and nurture a network of like-minded beings.

Let's raise our future leaders full of love, compassion and kindness for one another.

The mind is a muscle we need to strengthen just like the muscles in our body. The more we work it, the stronger it gets. 

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Together, we can make a difference, one affirmation at a time. 

Carla xx