Raising fearless little leaders is important.

"We should all embrace our fear. Not the big fears that are life-threatening but the helpful fears that come in small doses. A little fear really wants the best for us as Eleanor Roosevelt suggested, and transforms us into better, healthier and more engaged people." - Candice Gaukel Andrews, The Adventure Blog

Here’s a great story… ✨

When my Mum was growing up she would visit her grandparents every school holidays on their farm and it was a requirement to walk to the front gate (1km) after dinner every evening, in the pitch black of the night. No torch 🔦 allowed.

Safe to say my Mum is absolutely fearless. She’s not afraid of the dark or being alone. Fear doesn't stop her from doing what she wants to do, she harnesses it into power.

Although, a bit of fear is necessary. I came across this wonderful blog post written by Candice Gaukel Andrews (mentioned above) that listed some of the benefits of fear with an elaborate explanation. Let me share here with you, some that stand out to me mixed with my own words:

⚠️helps you identify danger to keep you safe

⚠️feeling fear -in the right dose- is fun and exciting

⚠️gives you a natural high and sense of empowerment

⚠️promotes proscocial behaviour (bonds you to other people)

⚠️ gives you clarity on what’s really important in life

⚠️ helps you to stay present in the moment and focus

⚠️gives you drive to do things

Boston goes for a walk every evening with his Nanny and on the night of the full moon, my Mum and I took the kids on a walk to the front gate (well we made it 3/4 of the way).

The path was illuminated by the moonlight 🌝 no torch needed (very lucky 🙊).

What's your perspective of fear going to be? Face Everything And Rise or Forget Everything And Run?

Here's to raising our future leaders with the right dose of fear. 

With love,

Carla xx