My Why, Where it all began

This is me, Carla.
I’m 34, I’m a mama and my world has changed 🌀 🌏 ✨ I may look completely fine on the outside but what happens on the inside no one can see 👀

When you get sick, it’s the universe telling you to make a change.
Through adversity, I discovered we cannot control how a message is delivered to us but we can control how we react. It’s how to not completely fall apart with your state of mind and finding perspective.
It doesn’t mean you have to try stand in someone else’s shoes because other people have it far worse than you. Perspective is how you can view your own situation from a different angle and identify how to find the positive in such a negative situation but also more than that, it’s how to look at a negative situation as a lesson, a message.

I taught myself a whole new level of self-love. I learnt forgiveness is the key to health and a positive mind can actually restore and prevent dis-ease and discomfort.

On the 1st January 2020, I suffered a stroke, at the time I had no bloody idea what was happening to me. The symptoms came on hard and fast, so severe and debilitating and never went away.

The medical system completely failed me so I had to figure out a way to restore my health and heal my brain.

Through the power of affirmations, I rewired my brain (neuroplasticity) to consciously think positively. I figured out how to remove negative thoughts and how to speak kindly to myself throughout the day.

I chose not to be a victim and fight for my quality of life.

So here I am at the beginning of 2020 struggling to get through each day, COVID lockdown, stood down from the job I loved and later I would lose, to discover exactly the type of mother I wanted to be and how I was going to do it. I realised my legacy. I found my place in the world and how I can help others. And so, Eagle & Owl was born.

My mission is to grow and nurture a network of like-minded, positive beings to raise the consciousness of humanity.

Image by Polly Jane Photography