What is an affirmation & how is it used?

Put simply, an affirmation is a positive conscious (awareness) statement, phrase, declaration or promise to yourself. What ever you want to call it, it’s a beautiful practice to harness gratitude and make room for great things to flow into your life.

When you repeat an affirmation, you are affirming positive words, which helps you to train your brain to focus and achieve what you want in life. Consistency in repeating affirmations creates a new pathway in the brain.

Subconscious programming comes from subconscious beliefs that we learn in childhood. When we say affirmations, we are trying to influence subconscious thought with conscious repetition.

Affirmations are used to:

- Cultivate self-esteem

- Improve overall well-being 

- Build a resilient mindset

- Harness courage, strength, confidence and more

- Help you achieve your goals and desires

- Combat negative self-talk by challenging unwanted and unhelpful thoughts

- Help decrease stress and anxiety by replacing a negative thought with a positive one

- Create a positive system of thoughts

This means we are creating a program, like an automatic program that runs in the background without consciously thinking about it.

So WHY are affirmations so important for children?

Well, children are predominately in the theta brainwave state which means they have direct access to the subconscious mind, especially in those first 7 years. 

Whatever a child is exposed to, gets absorbed and stored in the subconscious as a positive or negative experience. It is critical to be the one to create an automatic program of thoughts to help navigate life with grace and ease.

Now you know what an affirmation is and how it's used, you too can contribute to creating a better society and world by empowering our future leaders.


With love, 

Carla xx