Inside Story


I’m Carla, the creator of Eagle & Owl. 

Through adversity, I discovered we cannot control how a message is delivered to us but we can control how we react.

I have experienced first-hand, the benefits of a positive thought system and living out a mindful day. I taught myself a whole new level of self-love. I learnt forgiveness is the key to health and a positive mind can actually assist in the prevention and recovery of dis-ease and discomfort.

This business was created with the intention to help others. To share my knowledge, to grow and nurture a network of like-minded beings. I saw a huge gap, like a big black hole between parenting (because I am a parent) and schooling (because I’ve been to school), when it comes to education of the mind, body and spirit. This tool was constructed to holistically educate our future generations.

Conscious of environmental impact, eco-friendly initiatives are in place to support a low carbon footprint, through every process. You can read more about this in Environmental Awareness. 

Let this community be your source of inspiration and a safe space to make positive change. Creating a new habit is a process and a process becomes a routine. Routine becomes a ritual. A ritual is a promise to yourself; to live every day with the intention to look after yourself, it’s all about self-care. 

Together, we raise the consciousness of humanity.


I have worked with some incredibly talented beings! Giving credit where credit is due:

Illustrations & art by @amy_sunshine, @awakenyourmuse and Benjavista Ruangvaree.

Product Photography by @torijane_socials

Portrait Photography by @stephdarleymedia

Lifestyle Image on pop-up - @pollyjanephotography