Put simply, an affirmation is a positive conscious statement, phrase, declaration or promise to yourself. What ever you want to call it, it’s a beautiful practice to cultivate gratitude and make room for great things to flow into your life.

When you repeat an affirmation, you are affirming positive words, which helps you to train your brain to focus on what you want in life. Consistently repeating affirmations creates a new pathway in the brain.

Subconscious programming comes from subconscious beliefs that we learn in childhood. When we say affirmations, we are trying to influence subconscious thought with conscious repetition.

Affirmations are a long term investment for our goals. It’s a process of forming a positive habit that becomes daily routine, which turns into a treasured ritual. Before you know it, you have just created a system of “auto suggestion” from the subconscious mind where your thoughts come from a positive perspective based on your beliefs and values.

An affirmation is a statement for your benefit to increase the powers of your mind.

"When we speak in affirmations we are offering a beneficial program to the mental computer, and when we accept it, it becomes part of our programming." - Robert Stone.

As an adult, we use affirmations as a tool to help change our beliefs. The more often you say it the faster you'll adopt it as a belief. So doesn't it just make sense to help your child develop a positive thought system from a young age? It's easier to create a positive new habit as a child than to break a bad habit as an adult.