Why Eagle & Owl?

The Eagle conveys messages of the spirit, bestowing courage and freedom to look ahead, giving you strength to soar through the day. While reminding us of our connection to the divine.

The Owl conveys deep association to wisdom and good judgment.

Reminding us to trust our inner voice and intuition, the same way an owl uses its sharp vision and keen observation to uncover things that are hidden.

The owl has a relationship to the moon and the mystery and magic of nightfall.

The significance of the Eagle & Owl is the start of understanding something deeper about animals, our animal spirit guides.

A Spirit Animal is our teacher or messenger in the form of an animal, one that has a personal and special relationship to that person. You can have one or several spirit animals throughout your lifetime, they come in and out of our lives to give us guidance, teach us about ourselves and help us maintain balance.

This is an invitation to open your mind, use your intuition and be aware of what you see around you.

The Philosophy

What we do in the first 0-7 years of a child’s life, in training their brain, can determine how their brains will work. The development of positive thought patterns from a young age is an important action not to be overlooked.

A balanced state of health and well-being will assist in the prevention of dis-ease and discomfort. Adults need to unlearn the only way to fix a problem is with a pill. Not only do we need to educate the masses on how to prevent disease or identify the root cause of discomforts, we need to teach our little ones how to combat negative thoughts that start to manifest out of negative scenarios.

The brain can be rewired (neuroplasticity) at any age. Children, and adults, can rise to the benefits of a conscious thought system by implementing new daily healthy habits to create a positive routine.

“The placebo effect shows us that belief can heal. Belief changes brain chemistry and brings about immune, hormonal, and physiological changes throughout the body.” Dr David Hamilton PHD.

Recognise that the universe supports our thoughts and beliefs. Your thoughts create your future.

 ** this is not medical advice.