Positive Affirmation Cards

The Vision

Holistically educate children, from infancy, to program their minds to unconsciously think positively;

Imagine a world where children grow up strong but not harsh and resilient without damage. Imagine if your child knows from a young age that self-love is the key to success; to love and approve of yourself in totality is true wealth. Imagine if your child, niece or nephew grew up believing they have the ability to do ANYTHING and the confidence to not worry about what others think. And importantly, having a positive outlook on life with a strong moral compass.

So, let’s grow and nurture a network of like-minded positive beings;

Create a constructive habit of self-love, self-confidence and acceptance;

Open the borders of discovery into the chakra system and Earth’s energy system, to find balance and harmony between us humans and Mother Earth;

Inspire the desire to connect with world and become absorbed in nature, as this is the best education;

Develop an individual’s intuition to see beyond and see the true beauty of the world around us.

The Mission

  • Open the conscious path of the mind so children know how to converse without the need to dominate a conversation;
  • Encourage positive thought patterns from an early age;
  • Help form positive beliefs from the beginning and a conscious thought system;
  • Seed the awareness of our planet, its continents and countries and the magic of exploration;
  • Ignite the adventurer within and explore our beautiful world and discover the rich history of different lands;
  • Develop strong communication and meaningful interactions between a child and parent/carer;
  • Gradually build the inner voice of children help them believe in themselves.

The Parent/Carer Child Energy Bond 

Absorb the benefits of these affirmation cards by allowing an engagement with the concepts as early as infancy and carry them through each stage of life. 

Children flourish when they have a positive connection to a significant adult. This powerful influence can be enhanced by opening the thought patterns for children so they can become inquisitive, creative and open-minded individuals.

‘The fourth trimester’, refers to the first few months of a newborn’s life.

A mother is still nourishing her child but with a special kind of energy, even though the physical umbilical cord and placenta are gone. 

Although the mother-child energy line is uniquely formed in utero, a child will not be missing out if they don’t have a relationship with their birth mother.

A father, family member or guardian, are equally as important in playing a fundamental role in helping little ones process the world around them. Energy lines comparable to the ones of a mother-child bond can still be formed with other significant individuals.  

The most significant message to take from this is: A child needs to have a solid network of loving, caring and kind individuals engaged in their life.