Life's Lessons - Part 2

What does quality of life mean to you?

My mission is to help people to thrive in life.

I have goals, foundational goals and then a 'golden goal', which I remind myself day-in-day-out; to thrive. If I am thriving then I have quality of life. I can check in with my actions to ensure they are aligned with my golden goal. To me, quality of life is being able-bodied and to move with effortless ease. To be present and capable of something like skiing down a mountain right now and even at 80+ years of living.

It's these little things that motivate me to take the best care of myself now, to live my best life full of travel, adventure, exploration, memories, love, laughter and family, all the things that make me happy.

Go forth with these valuable lessons and see how you can insert this new way of thinking into your life. 

16. Our mind is our most powerful asset. Use it or lose it. 
17. Our brains can be rewired. The brain uses 80% of our energy, so nourish it properly.
18. Ignorance is dangerous, not bliss. Learning doesn’t stop once you finish school. 
19. Self-care is doing what makes you happy and if you don’t nourish yourself, you can’t be there for others.
20. You can have multiple definitions of success and you don't need a degree to be successful. 
21. Study successful people. Don’t take advice from those that aren’t successful. 
22. We can achieve ANYTHING at any age.
23. Don’t conform, have the courage to move away from the crowd and not give two hoots about what others might think. Conforming pigeonholes you. 
24. Your health is your wealth.
25. Integrity is everything. 
26. Mindset is everything too. It changes your outlook and how you do life.
27. Speak to the Universe, it's waiting for you to ask for help.
28. Our journey through life is our own but we never have to walk it alone.
29. Try new things. Stepping outside your comfort zone is where the real growth happens.

30. Your ‘why’, your reason for doing something should always start with you.

Allow me to elaborate on #30, life is meant to be enjoyed, we are meant to be happy.  If you are a slave to your work, a slave to your kids or someone else, that just breeds misery. You can be a wonderful parent, business owner or friend and still put yourself first. The reason I choose me, is because when I achieve my goals and desires, I reach fulfilment and it makes me a better mother, daughter, business woman and partner etc.

When I embody my values and live in integrity to my values and beliefs, it's contagious and it teaches our future generations intangible lessons. This is one of many ways we can create positive change in this world, by fulfilling our own desires and cultivating love, happiness, joy and excitement in the process. We shape the future with our thoughts as well as our actions. If we operate out of love, compassion and kindness it's because we are happy and fulfilled. 

Affirmations are a big deal in my life. I use them every day for my goals, to boost my morale, to tackle challenges and more! 

1. Don't waste time on regret, use it as a lesson. 

2. Learn the difference between an asset and a liability, yesterday! 

Take care of you because this lifetime is precious. 

With love, 

Carla xx